We’re expecting!

Expecting you to guess that we were pregnant. Knock it off. Now, for what we’re really here for. It is with heavy, heavy heart that I give you some bad news.

We are separating.
This time, I’m not kidding…

Now let me break it down for you. While living in this big, gorgeous apartment for the last 6 months has been nothing short of amazing, our time is done. We have traveled to different states, celebrated holidays, and created our first home. I will always appreciate the things that this experience gave us, especially me, on my first move away from home. It’s very hard to write, because I didn’t want it to end this way. There’s not a chance that I would have ever chosen it like this, but it’s how life happens.

Essentially, we wanted different things. There’s not enough to do, and we weren’t growing the way we expected. We fought it, oh dear, have the last month has been rough. If I’m nothing else, I’m honest. There were nights of tears, nights of yelling, and nights of confusion. Those nights turned into days, and as the sun came up, we left the apartment separately to try and continue living life the best we could in Lincoln. There was an elephant in the room, but we didn’t want to acknowledge it. Dylan was at a different place in his life. Change doesn’t sit well with me, and while I thought that this part of the story was going to be a little bit (or a lot longer), it just seems like that’s not the case.

I can see you reading this and feeling lost. I’m lost too. Moving to Lincoln brought a lot of distance. I realized that with distance in miles, came distance in relationships. Distance in relationships, brought distance into the apartment. Until we couldn’t bear it anymore, we realized that at this point in our lives, distance wasn’t what was good for us. The distance helped to fuel the decision.

That brings us here. Today, for the first time I am ready to tell everyone what’s been going on. Why am I so distant, so crabby, and failing classes? Why am I picking up more hours at work, and why haven’t I been blogging at ALL?


You’re correct. I’m an evil, evil woman for doing that to you. After a month of ridiculously stressful days, and long nights of research, I deserve the sick amount of happiness this post brings me. We’re coming CLOSER TO HOME! Onto the next adventure!

Edited: we are not breaking up. Dylan is stuck with this crazy forever. We are happily in love & make an awesome team. What other woman would pack up and move right after she finished decorating her first house? Plus, he buys me nachos. In it for life!

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