Happy Halloween Guys! Dylan worked at Rule G for their Halloween party. Thankful this morning to have worn a long sleeve shirt, as we were on a rooftop. #CHILLY. If you are not all about those puns, I was a party animal. Hannah was a vampire, & we had a Royals player, a deer, Rosie the Riveter, a zookeeper, and Dylan (as Dylan) in our little group. Dance parties for days, it was a blast.

Sunday brought girls day, and K & H got their nails done, while I provided moral support. (I broke a nail Wednesday, which brought an emergency nail salon visit, so mine were too fresh to join in on the party) Then we ate our weight in tacos because that’s what normal people do on Sundays.


I keep saying there’s “big news coming”. While it’s been coming over & over & over & you’re finally like “whatever Jen…” I promise you it’s coming. tomorrow. (which means most likely by Wednesday) As soon as I share this news, you will all have a collective OOOOOOOHHHHH. Then all my lack of blog posts, my scattered tweets and facebook posts, my panic about school, my lack of weight loss (and the stress that comes with it) and the rest of life’s problems will ALL make sense. Patience is a virtue. Can’t wait to chat tomorrow…

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