So, a couple of weeks ago I had this genius idea for a blog post. Have Dylan take a picture of what he does every couple of hours, have him explain how interesting his radio life was, and then put it all into a blog. So here we are. I felt like Dylan was LESS than pleased when I texted him yesterday morning asking him to do this, I mean come ON, it’s not like he was at work or anything… Well guys, my idea half worked, because he didn’t tell me what was IN any of these pictures. So I’ve decided to tell you all about what I THINK Dylan does in a day. enjoy.

ylan arrives to work at approximately 11:00am. I say approximately because sometimes Jen turns the alarm off (yes, we use an alarm at 10:00 in the morning), and he flies out of bed and runs around the house like a chicken with it’s head cut off. Anyways, this is his work. But I’m pretty sure he’s never used the front door, cause he’s a super exclusive back door user. VIP status, or something.


Dylan sits at his desk and eats a disgusting tuna sandwich that he decided would be an awesome idea to make so the whole HOUSE smells like tuna. Then, he plays Farmville on Facebook for three hours and calls it “work”.

Like 1:00pm, maybe…

A completely different computer, in a different room, on a magical program that makes the music play on the radio… I think. I am going to guess he was going for “this is the hard work part of my work day” when in reality it looks like a 1997 Tetris game that I still play on my Grandma’s computer.

Dylan sits in the self proclaimed “Jock Box” and speaks approximately four times each hour. His days are spent in a big room with like three computer screens, tons of buttons, and Ellen on tv. Let’s note that Dylan’s watching Ellen here, this will be useful later.

Dylan sits on his laptop, with a beer, pretending he’s doing something important, (is that when in COMPLETE AND UTTER TRUTH, he’s watching the Real Housewives of Orange County. Ask him who the Real OG of the OC is, or who’s married to Heather, cause he knows. (now we know Dylan watches Ellen & RHOC. Dylan’s the cool fiance)

Dylan’s Bud Light from earlier has made him gear up for a good game of Madden or some football game. It’s NCAA I’m pretty sure cause he keeps saying he wants to play for the Fighting Irish.

Let’s note that yesterday was slightly a-typical. Dylan took the frozen hot dogs and fries out of the freezer and cooked them. Normally, around 7:00 dinner is piping hot, waiting for him. He lives a rough life.

EDIT: Dylan just read this blog post and he said he speaks about seven times an hour so “screw you”, also he giggled about Ellen & the smile on his face confirmed his love of the Real Housewives. 

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