Saturday morning we tailgated for KFRX. After five hundred hotdogs, we did our little Saturday errands. Jen, being Jen, threw a little bit of a fit & somehow we ended up at Mazatlan in a taco coma. It was beautiful. We had to make a Scheels run, a Michael’s run (Amber, there are NO white pumpkins in Lincoln), & I got more protein cookies at Complete Nutrition (we also got these egg white cake batter things, I’m super nervous to try it.)

Sundays are for making poor food decisions, and making cupcakes & a cake & a cookie the size of our faces. Dylan is sometimes too “housewife-y” for his own good. Not only did he decide to bake, he food colored all that business into some orange perfection, and THEN created a pumpkin in the middle of the cake. Say WHAT? We ate the cookie, we ate a couple of cupcakes, and then threw everything in the garbage. What is wrong with us?

Then, Miller & I decided to get ahead on some homework. This week is midterm, so of course I have tests on tests. Not only that, but life is going to continue to get busy the next couple of weeks, like really busy, & getting ahead on homework helps with the work week.

Then we picked up pumpkins and decided to do a little carving! The next couple of weekends are booked, so the carving came a couple weeks early this year! I made a bat, while Dylan kicked some ass on a trick or treat.

Sunday nights make me so sad. I love when Dylan and I get a good 24 hours of togetherness. Life moves so quickly, and we both have a hard time completely appreciating the moments that we spend together. When I thought back on today, it was awesome. Even grocery shopping & the teasing as I bought nine Chobani yogurts, leaving Wal Mart with ZERO. Sundays are my favorite.

Happy Sunday. Have an awesome week. I missed my Friday Five post. Better luck next week.

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