This week for Pinterest Thursdays, I have decided to let you in on what i CURRENTLY have on my Pinterest. The last couple of weeks, I SEARCHED for recipes that were quick, easy, and for the two of us to make at home. Fooled you right? This week, we’re just going to dig a little deeper into my five year (or more) affair with this website.

Jen’s Pinterest:
– 5 Boards (there is a sixth board that I use to lesson plan at the YMCA, but I change that so frequently, and sometimes just delete it)

Board #1: alwaysampersand
I’m going to let you in on a little secret. My always, & Instagram page has a theme. (shocker) All of my pictures are edited in the same program, with the same filter, so that as you scroll down my Instagram, everything looks cohesive. Now, with that being said, I’m VERY picky with what I post for quotes. They must be in black and white, mostly thicker fonts, perhaps cursive. It’s a science to create and Insta that I’m proud of. This board just collects all those little quotes to keep on call, just in case!

Board #2: Fashionista
Could you guess it had to do with fashion? Shocked. This board cycles like the seasons and most of the things that I have on this board I will COMPLETELY rid of in the spring and summer. I don’t like clutter, so I don’t fill my boards with things that I don’t like “right now”. Pause (If someone could buy me that scarf from above, the tan one, it’s 24.99 at Von Maur, I just can’t afford that business for a scarf)

Board #3: getFIT
A whole bunch of workouts that I’ve looked at 100 times, attempted once, hated, and left there because “one day I’ll be back.” Lately, getting into the gym that’s a solid 450 feet from the apartment is so difficult for me. I have all these resources that give me the ability to get up and do them in the apartment, do them whenever, and yet I always choose to lay around. Someday this board will motivate me.

Board #4: Recipes & such.
All I’m saying is I could put down that Turkey meat & cheese tray. Considering Thanksgiving will be away from home, and since I’m the one who makes dinner in this household, Dylan is in for a surprise. That turkey tray is our dinner. This board is filled with everything I need to create. I love all of it. I love food.

Board #5: Home Decor
I don’t know how much money it would cost in order to create a house from everything I’ve pinned (granted, I would have to have a LOT of babies and about 21 rooms in the house), but I want to do it. Look at that entry, look at that nursery, look at that mud room. GIVE MEEEE.

Pinterest. Love. Forever.

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