Preface: yes, last night I threw together this disgusting blog that had no pictures, 1000 words, and no flow. That isn’t what my blog is supposed to be, and it has left me unsettled all day. While my itention was to post everyday this week, it doesn’t seem like it’s realistic. Life happens.

For the last two weeks I’ve been drowning. School continues to pile on. Yesterday I found out 2/4 classes require a 20 page final, and this morning I found out it was actually 3/4. That’s 60 pages of writing to turn in at the end of next month. In August I began counting macros, and quickly lost 10 pounds. It was such a relief, as my first “real move out” packed on the pounds. About 20. A handful of nights were spent in Dylan’s arms & a puddle of tears as I felt like a huge failure. Well, Happy 24th birthday and the colder weather gave me all 10 of those pounds back. Awesome. Along with school & eating, other little daily things have been popping up, adding on to my inevitable drowning, which has thrown always, & onto the back burner. Ouch. I inten to continue my Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday posting schedule, and I totally understand that I’m NOT as popular as I’m letting myself believe. Please forgive me, and I’m just trying to tread water in this ocean of life.

A little decor change! I’ve always LOVED the hooks in the entry, but I’ve taken advantage of them & left the house cluttered everyday. These mirrors not only eliminate clutter, the open up the space.

I bought some real cheap shelves at Target, so I ripped these off the wall in 10 seconds flat. The cheap shelves didn’t work, and weren’t fitting well, so I ditched it all together. Could be worse.

Didn’t  want to get rid of this cute Minnesota basket that was on one of the bathroom shelves so it became a part of the desk.
These Pumpkins were about $3.00 at Walmart, and took our fall vase & made it “Halloweeny”. I’m obsessed!

Saturday was probably the farthest $30 has ever gone for me. It went from Hobby Lobby (chalk paint, chalk marker, paint brushes), to Kohl’s (tassel necklaces & chain link bracelets!), to Home Goods (mirrors, bathroom rugs, & mug), to Wal Mart (PUMPKINS!) It was a very solid day of  purchases. That might have me a little crafting time, so I slapped the paint on an old MN cutting board that was slightly broken & only $4 on clearance, and it’s now a chalkboard! Then I branded myself all over a clearance mug, with a sharpie, & now I need to learn to like coffee. It works!

A low key day. A trip to the Sprint store, three hours on the phone, and too much of a language barrier finally got us iPhone 6s’. We’re so unnecessary & spoiled, or should I say me… The second I mentioned wanting to upgrade, Dylan was on top of it. #blessed.

Monday:  Monday’s are for walks. I love taking Maddie to the park, but I REALLY love going to the Sunken Garden. The flowers are always changing & the koi fish are too friendly.

Tuesday:  Monday night the bed became a part of the living room again. I’m not sure why we ever put it back, but it’s so much fun to feel like we’re having a sleep over every night! When I went to Amber’s house, she surprised me (bless her soul) with pumpkin stickers. Now I can stop complaining about wanting a monogrammed pumpkin. Dylan is also obsessed with them, and if Dylan cares, it’s a big deal!

There you go, friends! Happy Wednesday!

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