Dylan and I love date night, but it’s NOT the typical date night that you’re thinking. We actually are super romantic. We meet for dinner at the nearest Raising Cane’s, and after spending approximately seven minutes there stuffing our face with chicken, we’re off to location #2: Target. Once there, we spend about 45 minutes browsing every single section, including their clearance end caps, and leave with $30 worth of things that we didn’t need in the first place.

If you’re looking for ideas of something OTHER than Netflix & Chill, (but why would you?) then you’re in the right place. I have you covered from the basic white girl date night outfit, to date nights for the poor, to what the internet thinks of date nights. Enjoy.

Basic White Girl Date Night Outfit:
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First, I usually find some type of sweater or cardigan combo. I’m pretty much cold all year round. TGI Fridays keeps their restaurant at a nippy 57 degrees and ain’t no one looking to get hypothermia on date night. Then I pair it wish some dark wash skinny jeans. For shoes I wear a pair of booties. I believe this outfit combo is pretty versatile, giving me the ability to eat at a nice restaurant or play mini golf. Lastly, I accessorize based on weather. Scarves get thrown on in the chilly months, watches and necklaces in the warmer months. There you go, now you’re as basic as me.

Three Cheap Dates for Fund Deficient Couples:

  1. Craft Night. Your boyfriend hates crafts? He’s lying. Dylan was anti-craft night until I dragged him into Michael’s and gave him free reign of the place. I think our first craft night was a little bit more spendy than the rest of them, but after that we got in a groove. Give yourselves a $25-30 limit, buy a bunch of crap, buy a bottle of wine, and enjoy each other’s lack of artistic talents.
  2. Frat House Game Night. What? Yeah. Imagine you’re a 19 year old frat kid. Buy a 6 pack of Miller Lite, find an old Ralph Lauren polo, and throw on your loafers. Actually, you don’t have to get THAT into it, but channel the inner entitled mama’s boy, and get to work. First, two person pong tourney. Dylan and I throw on some gangster rap and make a beer pong game on our center island. It’s just that amount of competition that makes date night cheap AND fun. Once you kick his ass at pong, dump out the cups and place them around the house on their sides. You just created a in home mini golf course. We did this once and I swear to you, it was one of the best nights living in Lincoln. We ran around the house creating a course and then pretending we were Tiger Woods on the last put of hole 18. It was awesome.
  3. The Penny Date:

The Internet’s Date Night Ideas:

Fall Date Nights

“For the Date Night Challenged”

Handy Date Night Flow Chart

The Last Cool Thing For Date Nights:

This is genius and also, really genius. The date night jar.
Materials: A mason jar, Popsicle sticks, your love.
Honestly, this could be a date night in itself! Fill a jar with a bunch of potential date ideas. Not just ones your boyfriend/fiance/husband/other creates, but ones you want to do too. Then, on that Friday night when you’re like “man, we haven’t gone out forever, what should we do?!” and the answer is always “I don’t know, whatever you want to do….” You can just draw a stick, throw on your basic white girl date outfit (pictured above) and get the heck out of the house. This could also be adapted to a restaurant jar, so that you can stop eating out at only Raising Cane’s like me.

There you have it. Date nights alwaysampersand style! Hope you’re inspired to step up your Netflix & Chill game. (But still, N&C is the ultimate date night, I don’t care WHAT you say) Happy Tuesday!

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