Last week I began my post with an apology for the lack of entertainment within the blog post. Here we are again. As if it couldn’t get any worse.


Well, let’s say that aside from the two hours we were out of house running errands, we were in bed. But not like bedroom bed; like sleepover in the living room, drag the king mattress, and pile on the blankets bed. We watched at least 50 episodes of How I Met Your Mother. That’s not a joke. It was about 16 hours of our life we will never get back. Sweet baby Jesus.

We woke up and watched three more hours  of HIMYM. Then cleaned the house and did some grocery shopping. …. then came home and watched three more hours of HIMYM. We’re disgusting. That would total our How I Met Your Mother consumption hours to: 22 hours this weekend. We started Netflix on September 15, and have finished a 9 season television series in 12 days. I’m not making a good case here. On Friday I bought these little bowls at target & added some candies so it seems a little more “homey” in here. Are we grandparents?

Side note #1: I’ve been eating SO bad since my birthday that I have watched the weight be put back on. My goal this week is to get back into my macros & for real get ready for our Vegas vacation!

Side note #2: Thank GOD Dylan is the male version of me. I wouldn’t have lasted this long with a 22 year old who chooses the bar scene over sleepovers on Saturday nights. We love being poor and spending time together. Holler.

Have a great week! Remember, posts on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday!

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