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You know how twice a year, every year, you sit down and think out all of these goals for yourself to accomplish that are normally nothing that would ever happen? (Twice a year being your birthday and New Year’s) Well, 10 months ago, I sent myself an email to be delivered today. (futureme.org) This morning I received this email, telling me that I hope my life is like this, and that, and blah blah blah. I needed that email. I’ve been having a HUGE case of “Quarter Life Crisis”, because I’m 24, not married, no kids, not graduated from college, working part time, and basically feeling sort of behind. Reflecting though, I did WAY more than I gave myself credit for.
So, here’s some of the excerpts from this awesome birthday email I sent myself. (Side note, you should do this. You can send yourself emails, your kids, your husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend. You choose the date, and it’s sent into the future, which they will receive on the date that you chose! It’s awesome.)

  1. “I hope you have new jobs, are in your last semester, or are on the right path.”
    CHECK. Three new jobs, last semester before capstone, and it’s a new path!
  2. “I hope you go to sleep every night with a smile on your face simply because you are in his presence.”
    CHECK. I sleep next to Dylan every night. (Was I worried I wouldn’t? I don’t know!)
  3. “Today, you are 162 pounds.”
    NOT CHECK. Dang, go girl. But that was skinny fat, and my butt is bigger, so I’ll take the little extra thickness in thigh-land.
  4. “Today, you are in your bedroom @ your parents house. In 10 months you better be in your bedroom, that you share with Dylan. For the love of God, MOVE OUT.”
    CHECK. But, past me, did you even THINK about paying RENT? Jesus.
  5. “Today, you have a $3.99 ring from Khols on your hand. In 10 months, I PRAY you can look down at a ring. PLEASE have an engagement ring”
    CHECK. Woah. CHECK. But actually, I’m DYING at this. LOLOL.

The rest of them were about my bank account, my friends, and my family. I’ve been fortunate to keep almost all of that, except I keep waving goodbye to my bank account. Life was good, this last year. I wore 23 pretty well. Hope 24 is the same.

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