aturday was football, decor, and crafts. Personally, I don’t believe that there’s a better combination, except for maybe my Sunday combination… We began our day at TJ MAXX, adding to our already growing fall decor selection. We also purchased GROWN UP pillows, and arguably the cutest throw blanket. (Side note, tomorrow for labor day, I will be posting a “home decor” blog because I’m SOOOO pleased with what we’ve added to our little home lately. After that, we watched the Huskers lose. We learned that the domestic violence rates rise in Nebraska when the Huskers lose, which is disgusting. The night ended with a semi-failed craft night, except for the pallet coasters Dylan made. Which is precious.


Sunday was filled with blankets, laptops, and a mini shopping trip. That is why I said this can rival Saturday’s activities. So. Many. Blankets. We slept in until about noon, and then spent two hours just rolling around. After we showered, we were off to a mini shopping trip. Just one little store called Threads| Footloose & Fancy. (Dylan won a gift card that we needed to spend, plus AMPERSANDS EVERYWHERE.) That is my happy place. Then we grocery shopped, meal prepped, and now we’re snuggled into the couch watching trashy television. Success.

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