Welcome to my mini series, about my exciting life in the best month ever. (The weather, the birthday, and colors, praise Jesus) This series will be three blogs about my September & it’s fashion, my goals, and my love of fall. Here we go.

Thanks to this Cosmo slideshow, I began to think about the “hottest fall trends”, and ended up doing some extensive research. (on Pinterest, because where else do you make life decisions?) & since I have a 0% chance of living in NYC where this clothing is acceptable, I figured I should maybe throw my midwest opinion into the mix. Please enjoy my:

  1. These Booties ($34.99 but only 26.00 online right now!)
    Look at them. I’m pretty sure they’ve been “fashionable” for a good five years, and through my weight loss and lack of skill in anything reaching a height over an inch, I didn’t put them in my closet. This year, they’re coming home to mama.
  2. The elusive blanket scarf (On Groopdealz for only $17.99 today!)
    I only want one, because I can hide behind it. Plus, who doesn’t want to have a scarf in either plaid or tartan? And BONUS, you can wear one of these beauties approximately 100 different ways. (As a scarf, no? Dress, sure. Pants, maybe)
  3. One of these watches (Hold on, they’re only $33.90!?)
    First of all I wanted was a gold watch, because I need some chunky bling, and gold has been my spirit animal lately. Then, I saw a tortoise shell watch, that looked exactly like this, but 4x the price & I was hooked. Now, I need both of these in my life, like, yesterday.
  4. These Toms Booties ($98.00)
    Last week I walked into a store that had these on display. I’ve gone back once to visit them, and they were out of my size. I only feel like it’s appropriate to have two pairs of shoes on my wishlist, because LOOK AT THEM. You can’t even deny their beauty.
  5. & Lastly, a men’s flannel shirt (Around $25.00 at Target) Why men’s? Because when it’s 48 degrees out, you’re not concerned about hugging your curves. You are allowed to look cute & be comfortable and these are PERFECT for that. Throw on a pair of jeggings, riding boots, and a chunky scarf & the world will never know you snagged one of these from the men’s section!

We survived, I’m drooling, but we survived. Tomorrow is “September & goals”, see you then!

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