Life is kinda cool how you can just be young & go on adventures with someone you love. Day by day life is happening & then you look back and it’s been four months in a place you now call your “home”. In honor of surviving FOUR months in Lincoln, I present you with a list of my four favorite things that i have discovered about myself while here.

4. I can cook:

Before Lincoln, I would eat the same thing for dinner every single night. Usually was a hot pocket at 9:00 when I got home from work. Lincoln forced me to cook, and not just for myself. Life is a little more difficult when you can’t just microwave your dinner & raw meat could kill you.

3.  I belong on HGTV:

Judge me if you want, but my creativity is something I’m so proud of. I love that I can take a bunch of frames, some gold paint, old keys or paint chips, and some pictures to create a huge piece of art. We also have one in the bedroom, and I’m CONSTANTLY thinking of new designs to slap around this apartment.

2.  I’m going to be okay:

I panicked about running out of money, and found a job. Actually three. I panicked about going back to school & have questionably my easiest semester. I panicked about not having friends here, and once again the Y has brought me amazing girls. I panicked that Dylan wouldn’t let me watch “Think Like A Man” every week, but so far so good. I worry about the little things, but overall: I’m okay, and I am blessed.

1. I’m not alone:   I’m thankful daily to sit pants free, next to a Miller Lite & this man. We run laps around the house, we call each other cats, and we have our own language. I get to see him (because I’m big spoon) every night before bed & I kiss him with morning breath. Life isn’t so bad when your best friend is by your side.

Lincoln is an adventure, and so far so good.

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