Two weeks ago, on a website I basically LIVE on, they advertised a “fashion grab bag”. Two clothing items & one accessory for $9.99. My head said no, but my heart said yes, and my wallet followed suit. I was so excited to rip open this package today & share it with you all…. & then it was revealed
Let’s start with the fact that the first patterned mess is indeed leggings. A velvet suede heavy mix, that can only be worn to a Swedish disco or perhaps ice fishing. The leggings are accompanied by a light weight half sweater/half dress shirt combination. I would suggest wearing this to the office on a non-work day. One of those days where you have to finish a project, but you know that no one will see you. Wear it then, & only then. Lastly, I was given a pair of earrings as my accessory. I would totally wear them, but they’re my old high school colors, and I have worn enough black & gold together for a lifetime. With that being said, anyone who has an interest in suede/velvet leggings, a sweater dress shirt combo, or any type of black and gold accessories, I will donate these to you at no cost. None. Free clothes.

Moral of the story: the internet lies. Better luck next time.

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